Welcome to my Blog!

Thankfully, at this tail end of the Thanksgiving weekend, I have nothing of substance to say because my mind and body are finally at rest after this great and exhausting American tradition.  However, as this is my first original post (the initial one being merely a recently  published New York Law Journal Copyright Law Column), I will give you a hint of what’s to come to the extent it is foreseeable.

I am excited to have gained entrance to the blogosphere (through the good offices of experts Becca and Matt), and from time to time will be posting a variety of observations here after subjecting them to hopefully sufficient self-editing to avoid redundancy, regret or blogospheric pollution.

Here are some topics this blog may explore:

Legal Topics:

Copyright Law, including copyrightability, infringement, fair use, and remedies (including statutory damages, actual damages, apportionment of damages. and preliminary and permanent injunctions).

The importance of a balanced view of copyright:  specifically, the need to recognize that creators and users are often one and the same.

Trademark Law, including validity, likelihood of confusion, infringement and non-trademark (non-infringing) use, damages and injunctions.

The right of publicity in one’s name, image and persona.

The litigation 0f all of the above.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), with a focus on mediation.

Other Topics:

[List in Formation and Evolution]

As a newbie, I hesitate to foretell what may strike my fancy in a way in which I might have something useful to contribute, but I reserve the right to go beyond the law occasionally, and possibly even to insert some iambic pentameter or other metered verse (but only after clearance by my editor, the Honorable Janet Bernstein, whose authority is unquestioned).

Over and Out:

May this pre-holiday season give you reason to cheer.

All best wishes.

Bob Bernstein

Stamford, CT
November 30,2014

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