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“A ‘Sirius’ Question of Sound Recording Rights,” by R. Clarida and R. Bernstein

I am pleased to post our February 23, 2015 New York Law Journal Copyright Law Column on the latest developments in the New York branch of three pending cases concerning the claims of Flo & Eddie that, as the copyright … Continue reading

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Grammys, Love, Angst, Striving, Synergy, Creativity & Copyright

Greatly enjoyed last night’s Grammys  from a front-row seat in my favorite chair, feeling all the love and power of music to bring together different generations and cultural backgrounds with synergistic results.  The power of music is so great, and … Continue reading

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Authors Guild v. Google Oral Argument Before Second Circuit on December 3, 2014

robertjbernsteinblog post on December 6, 2014 I have uploaded in the above file my report on the oral argument in AG v. Google before the Second Circuit (Honorable Jose A. Cabranes, the Honorable Pierre N. Leval,  and the Honorable Barrington … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Blog!

Thankfully, at this tail end of the Thanksgiving weekend, I have nothing of substance to say because my mind and body are finally at rest after this great and exhausting American tradition.  However, as this is my first original post … Continue reading

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New York Law Journal Copyright Law Column: “Fair Use of Abusive Film,” October 20, 2014

COPYRIGHT LAW [First Published in New York Law Journal, October 20, 2014, p.2] By Robert J. Bernstein and Robert W. Clarida FAIR USE OF ABUSIVE FILM Those of you who were sentient in the immediate aftermath of the Nixon resignation … Continue reading

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